Biomedical Teaching Organisation

Case studies and initiatives

There are a wide range of activities going on across the university to improve the student experience. We would like to share some examples of good practice within EMS: Biomedical Sciences.

The driver for each project has been different but a shared outcome of each innovation has been to enhance and optimise the students' time at our university.

Building students’ academic attributes and employability in Year 1

We try to ensure our graduates remain highly regarded and sought after by helping them develop not only the academic skills so valued by employers but also encourage them to forward plan their career from an early stage.

Making the most of your time at university

A series of workshops designed to support student learning and promote between year-group communication were devised and delivered to Medical Sciences students as part of the School’s aims to enhance student support.


Unfold+ is an on-line portfolio to enhance Personal Tutor meetings via student self-assessment of academic progress and development of graduate attributes.

Using GradeMark to create effective e-feedback

Introducing an electronic marking and feedback scheme (GradeMark) to the in-course assessment of Biomedical Sciences (year 2) students highlighted the considerable benefits on offer for both staff and students. It enabled staff to provide feedback more efficiently and encouraged students to obtain and act upon the feedback provided.