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Dr André Phillips

André is the Course Organiser for the Conception to Parturition Honours course and the Reproductive Biology Reflective Portfolio Student-Led Individually Created Course.

Dr André Phillips

Teaching Fellow in Reproductive Biology

  • Edinburgh Medical School: Biomedical Sciences

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My role at the BMTO

I am a Teaching Fellow within the Biodiversity, Wildlife and Ecosystem Health online, part time Postgraduate Programme. I am the Course Organiser for the Marine Environment, Biodiversity and Evolution and Use of Artificial Reproductive Technologies in Conservation.

My background is Fish Behavioural Ecology, specifically the Bitterling fish and their parasitism of freshwater mussels, alongside some Evolutionary Biology and Fisheries. More recently I've been interested in endocrine disruptors and their impacts on animals and humans.

I teach on several undergraduate courses including Reproductive Biology 3, Conception to Parturition and Reproductive Toxicology.

I am also passionate about staff support, running events for staff mental health and involved in BSOC and the Teaching Network. 

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I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

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