Biomedical Teaching Organisation

Key people

Our team is here to support your studies at every step, from application through to graduation.

Dr Philip Larkman

William Burke's skeleton
Phil is the Director of Teaching at the BMTO.

Ms Karen Harris

Karen Harris
Karen is the Academic Administrator for the BMTO.

Dr Kim Picozzi

Kim is the Postgraduate Director of Teaching at the Biomedical Teaching Organisation.

Dr Deborah Shaw

Deborah Shaw
Deborah is the Undergraduate Senior Personal Tutor.

Miss Tina Harvey

Tina Harvey
Tina Harvey is the Teaching Manager in the BMTO.

Ms Lisa Ketchion

Lisa Ketchion
Lisa is Undergraduate Team Leader and Student Experience Officer.

Mrs Claire Johnston

Claire Johnston
Claire is a Student Experience Officer and an Undergraduate Team Leader.

Ms Fiona Giles

A photo of Fiona Giles laughing
Fiona is the Postgraduate Team Leader.

Cristina Matthews

A photo of Cristina Matthews
Cristina is the Programme Coordinator for the Zhejiang-Edinburgh Institute.

Mrs Ariadne Cass-Maran

Ariadne Cass-Maran
Ariadne is the Student Digital Communications Officer.