Biomedical Teaching Organisation

Course organisers, Directors and Administrators

The Biomedical Teaching Organisation runs SCQF level 8-10 courses in support of our Undergraduate programmes, on-campus Taught and Research MSc programmes, and Online Learning MSc programmes.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate study

Undergraduate Courses

Year 1

Course Organiser Administrator
Biomedical Sciences 1 Professor Gareth Leng

Amy Collier

Beth Muir

Medical Biology 1 Dr Mary Diaz Mary Cummings
Medical Sciences 1 Dr Mandy Jackson Fionna Ogilvie
Our Changing World Mr Rob Thomas Rachel Allan

Year 2

Course Organiser Administrator  
Anatomy and Pathology 2 Prof Tom Gillingwater Philip Horey  
Biomedical Sciences 2 Dr Jane Taylor Emily Rowan  
Cells to Organisms 2 Prof Andrew Jarman Mary Cummings  
Chemical Pharmacology 2 Dr Henry Olverman Emily Rowan  
Microorganisms, Infection and Immunity 2 Dr Thamarai Schneiders Benjamin Harrison  

Year 3

Course Organiser Administrator  
Anatomy and Development 3 Prof Tom Gillingwater Philip Horey  
Applied Pharmacology 3 Dr Dawn Livingstone Benjamin Harrison  
Biomedical Sciences 3 Dr Tom Pratt

Deborah Walker

Clinical Biochemistry and Endocrinology 3 Dr Roger Brown Philip Horey  
Clinical Immunology & Haematology 3A Prof Julia Dorin Morag Wilson  
Clinical Immunology & Haematology 3B Dr Dietmar Zaiss

Morag Wilson

Health, Illness and Society 3 Ms Judith Sim Mary Cummings  
Mechanisms of Brain Development 3 Prof Peter Kind Rachel Allan  
Medical Microbiology 3 Prof Jose Vazquez-Boland Kimberley Bruce  
Neuroscience 3 Prof Catherina Becker Agnese Lapetrova  
Pharmacology 3 Dr Dawn Livingstone Benjamin Harrison  
Physiology 3 Dr Barry Denholm

Deborah Walker

Reproductive Biology 3 Dr Sander Van Den Driesche

Amy Collier

Beth Muir


Year 4 - Elective courses

Course Organiser Administrator  
Academic Medicine Dr Richard Weller/Prof Jeremy Hughes Morag Wilson  
Academic Surgery Prof Stephen Wigmore/Dr Paula Smith Morag Wilson  
Anatomy of the Head and Neck Mr Sameer Dhumale Philip Horey  
Anatomy of the Limbs Dr Abduelmenem Alashkham Philip Horey  
Antibiotic Crisis Dr Thamarai Dorai-Schneiders Kimberley Bruce  
Applied Human Osteology Dr Stephen MacLean Philip Horey  
Cancer Biology and Medicine Prof David Melton

Amy Collier

Beth Muir

Cardiovascular Pharmacology & Therapeutics Dr Gillian Gray Benjamin Harrison  
Cardiovascular System Under Stress Dr David Swann Kimberley Bruce  
Conception to Parturition Dr Simon Riley Amy Collier  
Development and Disease Dr John Mason Benjamin Harrison  
Developmental and Clinical Neurosciences Prof Dies Meijer Agnese Lapetrova  
Diagnostics and Therapeutics for Infectious Diseases Dr Simon Talbot Kimberley Bruce  
Emergency Medicine Dr Alasdair Gray Morag Wilson  
Endocrine Physiology and Pharmacology Dr Dawn Livingstone Benjamin Harrison  
Forensic Investigation Dr Tim Squires Mary Cummings  
Genetic & Environmental Influences on Behaviour & Mental Health Dr Joyce Yau


Global health and infectious diseases Dr Kim Picozzi Kimberley Bruce  
Health Sciences Project Prof Jeremy Hughes Morag Wilson  
Hormones and Behaviour Prof Mike Ludwig

Rachel Allan

Inflammation Prof Ian Dransfield Rachel Allan  
Integrative Physiology Prof Mike Shipston Not running in 2018/2019  
Literature Evaluation and Review Prof Jeremy Hughes Morag Wilson  
Making Sense of Disease Pathways Prof Tom Freeman Mary Cummings  
Medical Anthropology To be confirmed Not running in 2018/19  
Nervous System under Stress Dr David Griffith Kimberley Bruce  
Neural Circuits for Learning and Memory Dr Emma Wood Agnese Lapetrova  
Neurobiology of Cognition Dr Tara.Spires-Jones Agnese Lapetrova  
Neurodegeneration, Obesity and Cancer: Genetics and Beyond Dr Guisy Pennetta Emily Rowan  
Neuroimaging Dr Andrew Farrall Not running in 2018/19  
Neurotransmitters in Action Prof David Wyllie Emily Rowan  
Primary Care Dr Helen Richards Morag Wilson  
Primary Care - Clinical Correlation Dr Karen Fairhurst Morag Wilson  
Receptors, Signalling and Regulation of Cell Responsiveness Prof Sue Fleetwood-Walker Not running in 2018/2019  
Regenerative Medicine Dr Paul Travers Fionna Ogilvie  
Reproductive Cancers Dr Christopher Harlow Not running in 2018/19  
Reproductive Systems

Dr Christopher Harlow

Amy Collier

Beth Muir

Research Skills in Health Sciences Dr Richard Phelps Morag Wilson  
Respiratory System under Stress Dr David Griffith Kimberley Bruce  
Science Communication Dr Janet Paterson Mary Cummings  
Scientific Frontiers of Medicine Dr Richard Weller Morag Wilson  
Sensory Physiology and Dysfunction Dr Carole Torsney Rachel Allan  
Sex Determination Dr Agnes Stefansdottir Philip Horey  
Surgical Sciences Prof Stephen Wigmore Morag Wilson  
Synaptic Function and Plasticity in Health and Disease Dr Michael Daw Not running in 2018/19  

Year 4 - Senior Honours Programmes

Online Learning MSc Programmes - 3 years

Taught MSc Programmes - 1 year

Programme Director Contact Administrator
MSc Human Anatomy Dr Abduelmenem Alashkham Sarah Fraser
MSc Science Communication and Public Engagement Dr Elizabeth Stevenson Lisa Kilcullen

 MSc by Research Programmes - 1 year

Programme Director Contact Administrator
MSc by Research Biomedical Sciences (Life Sciences) Dr Paul Le Tissier Fiona Brodie
MSc by Research Infectious Diseases Dr Kim Picozzi Sarah Fraser
MSc by Research Integrative Neuroscience Dr Thomas Becker Mark Newman
MSc by Research Biomedical Sciences (3+1 programme with Zhejiang University) Professor Mayank Dutia Fiona Brodie