Biomedical Sciences

Recent initiatives

Some highlights of the recent initiatives which Biomedical Sciences achieved through the Athena Swan bronze submission.


  • Increased flexible working
  • Increased postgraduate recruitment
  • Improvements in Induction packs for all new staff
  • Improvement in the percentage of women at undergraduate, postgraduate and lecturer numbers.

The BMS community

  • Improvements in researcher induction, committee chairing, the Athena website, and numbers of undergraduate external examiners
  • Introduction of termly Research Fora
  • Response to staff surveys Equality and Diversity brief for academic staff leaders an area which the Athena SWAN working group will try to address over the next 3 years.‌
  • Case Studies of BMS staff helped by Athena Swan
  • Improvement in the percentage of women at undergraduate, postgraduate and lecturer levels
  • Improvements in Induction packs for all new staff.
  • Encouraging uptake of of both internal and external leadership and management training opportunities.
  • George Square Postdoc Society revitalised with BMS funding identified for events and speakers.


  • Departmental Maternity/Paternity policy
  • 100% return rate from maternity leave
  • BMS Maternity Mentoring Scheme.
  • Delay of teaching responsibilities for 6 months upon return from maternity leave.
  • BMS Funding for maternity leave if the the grant funding body will not fund.
  • BMS childcare grant scheme to assist with childcare costs for seminar and conference speakers