Use of body

How your body may be used.

Your body may be used for one or more of the following purposes.

Anatomical examination This includes teaching and studying the form and structure of the human body. It will mainly be used for teaching anatomy to medical students. It may also be used in the training of surgeons, providing the opportunity for them to develop surgical skills.

Education or training related to human health Related health care professionals derive great benefit from studying the anatomy of the human body. We run and support courses to enable participants to extend their knowledge and skills.

Medical research This involves scientific studies which improve the understanding of the human body and the advancement of medicine.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that your body will be used in a particular way.

All donated bodies are cared for by an experienced and compassionate team of Licensed Anatomists and Technicians. They ensure that donated bodies are treated, at all times, with the dignity and respect they deserve, whilst overseeing and approving the range of educational and research activities that the donations support.