Declaration of bequest

If you wish to bequeath your body to the University of Edinburgh you will need to complete and sign a Declaration of Bequest form in the presence of a witness.

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The form must be completed in duplicate and both the potential donor and witness must sign and date the forms at the same time, otherwise it will not provide valid consent for acceptance of your body for anatomical examination, education and training. Ideally, the witness should not be related to you, but may be, if no one else is available

One copy of the completed form should then be returned to us while the second copy should be retained with your legal papers. It is also important to inform your next of kin or executor of your wishes and you may also wish to inform your doctor of your intention to donate.

We will acknowledge receipt of your bequest form on its return to us.

You can obtain a Bequest information pack by emailing body-donations or by phoning 0131 651 5996.

Alternatively the information booklet and forms can be downloaded here:


Should you change your mind at any point, you should contact the Bequest co-ordinator and your name will be removed from the Bequest Register.