How To Effectively Design & Create a Mobile Application for Type 1 Diabetic Adolescents

Victoria McCulloch and colleagues have published a paper looking at how the design of a mobile application can aid in medication management in adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes.

This paper looks at how the design of a mobile application aimed at adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes can influence an adolescent to use a mobile application and keep them engaged in learning more about Type 1 Diabetes. Adolescents have the lowest medication adherence therefore it was important to look at how the design and information presented within an application can aid in an adolescents’ medication adherence. Different factors within the application, such as colour psychology, graphics, language and the inclusion of an avatar, were researched and looked at in creating a prototype mobile application.

The paper has been published in the Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine.

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Journal paper: How to Effectively Design and Create a Concept Mobiel Application to Aid in the Management of Type 1 Diabetes in Adolescents.