Anatomy@Edinburgh Ask an Anatomist

Anatomy@Edinburgh introduce new element to the Anatomy portfolio: Ask an Anatomist.

We welcome our new and continuing students back to a hybrid learning environment this academic year. As we currently cannot carry out anatomy practicals due to restrictions, we have introduced a new addition to the Anatomy portfolio: Ask an Anatomist.

Ask an Anatomist allows students to have a chat with one of the anatomists either one-to-one or in a group, like the students would experience in the lab. These meetings will take place remotely over Microsoft Teams, letting students safely interact with academic staff. Ask an Anatomist has been created for students to gain the best anatomy education possible in these uncertain times, to feel part of the anatomy community and to be supported in their studies.

To find out more about Ask an Anatomist, students please see the infographic below. Click the Ask an Anatomist link below when you're ready to set up a meeting!

Ask an Anatomist, Anatomy@Edinburgh, infographic for students

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Ask an Anatomist