Biomedical Sciences

Naila Ali

Naila explains how the programme supported her career development.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Anatomical Sciences is a very well-structured and comprehensive online programme. Having worked as an Ophthalmologist for twenty years, my anatomy knowledge was restricted to the head and neck region. This course really helped me move in my new role where I had to teach whole-body anatomy. 

Course choices

The programme developed a broad foundation knowledge of body structure and embryology in first year, and then further emphasised the clinical and applied aspects in the second year. The elective modules provided a variety of options, and I chose Histology and Imaging to further broaden my knowledge and skill base for anatomy teaching.

Studying online

The lectures were released every Monday morning, and the assignment guidelines were available well in advance to provide flexibility throughout the week and term time. The extensive availability of free resources made the learning joyful. I could learn one topic using e-books, Atlas, Acland’s videos, as well as an anatomy App - all accessible 24/7.

Throughout the course, the tutors were available to guide me by email and through the discussion board. The discussion board was also very actively utilised by group members and teachers for study related interactions and recommending additional resources.

I really recommend PGDip Anatomical sciences to anyone interested in gaining a comprehensive knowledge of anatomy or for your career development.