Biomedical Sciences

Holly Keith

Undertaking the PgDip Anatomical Sciences programme has been a fabulous experience!

A photo of Anatomical Sciences student Holly Keith

Delving more deeply into my passion

As a yoga teacher, I took the plunge into postgrad study slightly on a whim, having stumbled across this course whilst looking for an anatomy for yoga training! Having already studied health science at undergrad and having a lifelong obsession with biology, delving more deeply into my passion felt like a bit of a no-brainer.

The course itself was outstanding

The course itself was outstanding. It was very clearly and concisely structured, using a multitude of multimedia, with plenty of extra resources available if I ever wished to delve into something further. It was possible to complete it flexibly over two to four years to fit around existing commitments. Knowing there was the option of deferring a module to the following year was always reassuring if life took over. Furthermore, the Anatomical Sciences team are a fabulous bunch. They were always friendly and helpful, and always quick to respond via the online learning space, Learn, or email.

Professionally, undertaking this course has hugely benefitted the quality of my yoga teaching

I feel strongly about the importance of relevant and solid scientific input into the yoga community. Professionally, undertaking this course has hugely benefitted the quality of my yoga teaching. Personally, I feel inspired having spent the past two years interacting with tutors and students from a variety of professional backgrounds, all deeply passionate about our subject!

Absolute pleasure and privelege

A huge thank you to the entire Anatomical Sciences team, who were always so encouraging and made the entire experience an absolute pleasure and privilege. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning more about human anatomy!

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