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Welcome to Biomedical Sciences at the heart of Edinburgh Medical School.

Professor Mike Shipston, Dean of Biomedical Sciences

With our colleagues across the College of Medicine, we are part of a unique grouping in the UK with a vision of “One Medicine, One Biology, One Health,” where Biomedical scientists work alongside Medics and Vets to address global challenges in health and disease and are dedicated to training the leaders of the future.

Our undergraduate and postgraduate students are at the heart of our dynamic and collaborative community and work in partnership with our staff who are passionate about their research and dedicated to nurturing the unique talents of each individual. As a student you will join our highly supportive local and global communities of active learners. Our goal is to enable you to explore the wonders and opportunities of biomedical science while equipping you with the critical thinking skills and wider graduate attributes required to be globally competitive and effect real change in whatever sphere you end up working.

Our graduates are highly sought after with Edinburgh in the top 20 of the Global Employability University ranking. Our research-led teaching approach is designed around ‘every student a researcher, every researcher a teacher’ embedding you in our local and global networks while having fun and contributing to wider society.

Our researchers are tackling some of the major global health challenges facing our society and addressing fundamental questions about how we work to gain a better understanding of how we can treat disease and repair our bodies. In our highly collaborative Research Centres, and with our global partners, some of the questions we are tackling include: How do changes in communication in our brain control behaviour and does disruption underlie intellectual disability? How can we control our eating behaviour and reduce the global obesity epidemic? How do we build our brain and other organs and how might we repair them? How can we combat infectious diseases such as ‘sleeping sickness’.

Our students and staff are passionate about communicating the importance and wonder of biomedical science and the role of the University in tackling global challenges. They are engaged in many public engagement activities both locally and nationally: from the Edinburgh Science Festival to working with local LEAPs schools and the local Beltane network.

Professor Mike ShipstonDean of Biomedical Sciences

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