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Biomedical Sciences seeks to understand, explain and deliver Edinburgh's ambition to be a leading socially responsible and sustainable university.

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The University's 2016 climate strategy:

Zero by 2040 - the University of Edinburgh's climate strategy

Sustainability Awards

All Centres in Biomedical Sciences have gained awards in the Edinburgh Sustainability Awards.

The Edinburgh Sustainability Awards recognises the efforts of staff and students to make their departments more sustainable and socially responsible. To this end, we take part in the University’s Sustainability Awards which are run by the Edinburgh University Students’ Association and the University of Edinburgh's Sustainability Office.

We realise that these changes will not happen overnight but by participating in the awards, we can be aware of what changes we need to make and can begin to act upon them. Gaining recognition in these national awards means that our willingness to embrace the challenges of sustainability, social responsibility and environmental impact has been recognised.

We are planning to enter the awards annually and hope to continue matching the success of previous years.

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Edinburgh Sustainability Awards

Zero by 2040 - the University of Edinburgh's climate strategy

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