Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology

Summer Internship Programmes

Spend eight weeks experiencing life as an interdisciplinary scientist.

Applications for the 2023 Summer Programmes are now open. Enjoy science but not sure if a career in research is for you? Our Summer Internship Programmes provide undergraduates who are interested in a career in science, with an immersive experience embedded in a research group associated with the Integrated Cell Mechanisms (iCM) Wellcome Trust PhD programme at the University of Edinburgh.

iCM PhD programme

We especially encourage applications from talented individuals from disadvantaged and underrepresented backgrounds who would find continuing into postgraduate study a challenge for reasons other than academic ability.

Both the Integrative Cell Mechanisms Summer Internship (iCM Summer Internship) and the Wellcome Biomedical Vacation Scholarship (BVS) programme are closely associated with the Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology and will provide lab-based experience and training for budding scientists in the application of quantitative methods to understand the inner workings of cells.

Exploiting technological advances to transform our understanding of cellular mechanisms will require scientists who have been trained across the distinct disciplines of natural sciences, engineering, informatics and mathematics. The Summer Internship Programmes address this training need and will help prepare participants to be successful in a variety of PhD programmes.

You may apply to both programmes if you wish and you only need to submit one application. However, you will need to ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for the programme you have selected.

Wellcome Biomedical Vacation Scholarship

A group of 4 students wearing masks sit on a window ledge. They seem to be engaged with someone off camera.
UK students will gain experience and training to enhance their career in science.

iCM Summer Internship

Photo of a lab worker's gloved hands working in a cabinet wth scientific instruments
Prepare for a research career in a dynamic and supportive scientific environment.