Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology

Research group leaders

There are 19 research groups in the Wellcome Centre.

Bungo Akiyoshi

Phot of cell biology research from Bungo Akiyoshi
Understanding the mechanism of chromosome segregation

Robin Allshire

Epigenetic mechanisms mediating antifungal resistance

Jeyaprakash Arulanandam

Structural biology of cell division

Adrian Bird

Understanding proteins that stabilise cell identity

Dhanya Cheerambathur

Role of microtubule cytoskeleton in building and regenerating the neural connectome

Atlanta Cook

Structural biology of macromolecular complexes in RNA metabolism and transcriptional silencing

Owen Davies

Structural biology of meiosis

Bill Earnshaw

The role of non-histone proteins in chromosome structure and function during mitosis

Patrick Heun

Establishment and maintenance of chromatin identity

Georg Kustatscher

Proteome dynamics: The role of synthesis and degradation in regulating protein levels

Adele Marston

Orienting Chromosomes during Mitosis and Meiosis

Donal O'Carroll

Illustration of Donal O'Carroll's research
Regulation of gene expression by non-coding RNA and RNA modification

Hiro Ohkura

The meiotic spindle and chromosomes in oocytes

Juri Rappsilber

Cellular Tomography

Ken Sawin

Cell polarity and cytoskeletal organisation

Matthew Swaffer

Matthew Swaffer research illustration
Effects of cell size on gene expression, biosynthesis and cell function

David Tollervey

RNA Processing and Quality Control

Julie Welburn

Electron microscope image of cells in blue and green
Mechanistic cell biology of cell division and cell architecture in health and disease

Marcus Wilson

Investigating the reading writing and erasing of epigenetic marks

Emeritus Centre Members

Emeritus Professors Jean Beggs and Malcolm Walkinshaw.