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Deltavision Elite

There are 2 Deltavision Elites in the facility both in the same room.

Filter Sets

Fluorophore Excitation Dichroic Emission
DAPI 395/25    
CFP 434/21    
GFP/FITC 485/25    
YFP 511/16    
Rhodamine/tdTomato 560/32    
Texas Red/mCherry 585/35    
Cy5 631/28    


  • SoftWoRx 3.5

Available Modules

  • Ultimate focus system for long term timelapse studies.
  • High accuracy/repeatability motorised stage for multipoint  imaging.
  • Photometrics Cascade II EMCCD or Photometrics Coolsnap CCD
  • FRAP and Photoactivation module


Type Magnification Correction NA
UPlanApo x10 Air 0.4
UApo/340 x20 Air 0.75
UApo/340 x40 Oil 1.35
PlanApoN x60 Oil 1.42
UPlanSApo x60 Water 1.2
uPlanSApo x100 Oil 1.4
Photo of Deltavision Elite

Supporting Equipment

  • Cellasics Onix Microfluidics System
    • Currently takes plates for yeast and bacteria
    • Enables multiple parallel experiments
    • Upto 6 wells for media changes and addition of compounds/chemicals during experiments.
  • Scientifica PTC-20 2 channel heating/cooling controller
    • Temperature control 3°C to 45°C
  • Environmental Chamber
    • Temperature range from ambient to 45°C
    • Humidified CO2 from 1% to 11% on request

Room Location

Swann 2.16