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Sustainability means living and doing what we enjoy in a way that is indefinite over Earth’s lifetime.

Our science celebrates the processes of life and supports life by contributing to our understanding of health and medicine. However, science is also extremely resource intensive, which means that it significantly and permanently affects environment.

At the Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology (WCB) we care that the life we appreciate in our studies will thrive and stimulate future generations. Our goal is to minimize the effect of our work on the environment by reducing unnecessary waste of resources. We do this by promoting efficient lab practices, reducing single use plastic and by minimizing energy and water consumption.

Sustainability goals

Sustainability is an integral part of the Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology (WCB), and we are committed to conducting our research in a sustainable manner.

Sustainability group

Sustainability group logo
The Sustainability Group was set up by volunteers in April 2019.

Sustainability in action

Hand holding a cardboard coffee cup with a tree picture on it, against a background of large leaves
The Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology Sustainability Group Projects.

Awards and training

Sustainability awards logos, gold, silver and bronze
Opportunities to train in sustainable practices and information on sustainability awards.