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Conservation Biology Society

The Conservation Biology Society (ConserveSoc) is open to all nature lovers in Edinburgh.

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"For all nature lovers (students and non-students) in Edinburgh! We organise talks, trips and other events related to conservation, and offer study assistance from students in biology-related courses, including but not limited to zoology, ecology and evolutionary biology.

Recent events include:

  • Semester trip to the Scottish Deer Centre
  • Visit to the Ashworth Laboratories Museum
  • Animal-handling session with ZooLab
  • Academic talks ranging from Rhododendron flowers to bird songs

Keep up to date with our events and current zoology, ecology and evolutionary biology affairs via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

We welcome all levels of interest and knowledge!"

Conservation Biology Society event
Animal handling with ZooLab
Visit to the Deer Park
Day trip to the Scottish Deer Centre