Other Key Buildings

There are lots of other buildings on campus that you might use regularly.

Classes in other buildings

Your classes may be held in a variety of buildings depending on where there is space to hold the class and what optional courses you have chosen to take. Some of the main buildings you might use include:

Joseph Black Building
The Joseph Black Building

Joseph Black Building

This building is the home of the School of Chemistry. Inside there are several lecture theatres and the teaching laboratories for Chemistry courses. It's the oldest building on the King's Buildings Campus, the first stone was laid by King George 5th in 1920. Joseph Black is a well known Scottish physicist and chemist who's work included the discoveries of magnesium, latent heat, specific heat and carbon dioxide.

Grant Institute

This is one of the School of GeoSciences' buildings and there is a lecture theatre which you might have classes in. It is also home to the Cockburn Geological Museum, which holds over 13,000 geological specimens and historical objects. It was built after a donation from Sir Alexander Grant in 1929. Grant worked on the original recipe for the famous McVitie's digestive biscuit and he became managing director of the company after Robert McVitie died in 1910.

School of Engineering

The Sanderson, Hudson Beare, Faraday and Alrick Buildings are some of the School of Engineering's teaching spaces.  There are lecture theatres and tutorial rooms which are sometimes used for classes from other Schools. The School of Engineering moved to the King's Buildings Campus from the Central Area in the 1930s as there was more space for the growing number of staff and students.


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