Daniel Rutherford Building

There is a smaller teaching laboratory and lecture theatre in this building.

Daniel Rutherford was a Scottish physician, chemist and botanist, known for his isolation of Nitrogen in 1772. He was a professor of Botany at the University of Edinburgh 1786-1819 and one of the founders of The Royal Society of Edinburgh. This building is home to lots of our academic staff and their research labs as well as a smaller lecture theatre and teaching laboratory.

Daniel Rutherford Lecture Theatre (G.27 Lecture Theatre 1)

This lecture theatre is mainly used in the later years of our degree programmes and seats around 160 people.

Teaching Laboratories (B.06, B.07)

These 2 teaching laboratories are next door to each other and are a little bit smaller than the others we have in JCMB and Ashworth. Classes can be in just one of them or spread over both at once, some teaching does take place in here from Year 1. As in the other Biological Sciences teaching laboratories we provide white lab coats for you and lockers for bags. There are demonstrating staff, usually PhD or PostDoc students, who help explain what to do and can answer any questions. They wear navy blue coats so that you can identify who they are.

The topic covered in the practical classes here can vary from plant and animal evolution to more molecular aspects of Biology such as enzyme analysis and DNA extraction. There are lots of different sorts of equipment such as spectrophotometers, centrifuges and the equipment needed for gel electrophoresis. 

Lecture Theatre
The Daniel Rutherford Lecture Theatre
Daniel Rutherford Teaching Laboratory
Daniel Rutherford Teaching Laboratory
Equipment in the Laboratory
Equipment set up ready for students