Ashworth Building

The Ashworth Building is one of the oldest buildings on the King's Buildings campus and is a place you will regularly spend time in.

Officially opened in 1929 by HRH Prince George, the Ashworth Building is named after James Hartley Ashworth who was a Professor of Zoology at the University. Inside there's a large lecture theatre and teaching laboratory as well as smaller teaching rooms and laboratories. Our academic staff who focus mainly on Zoology, Ecology, Evolutionary Biology and Immunology, are based in Ashworth and in the 2 extensions to the building (Ashworth 2 and Ashworth 3!). Ashworth's style is very traditional and it has a lot of character. From the brass monkeys on the bannisters to the museum cabinets in the teaching lab it's a fascinating building to spend time in.

Ashworth Lecture Theatre

This lecture theatre is one of the biggest at the King's Buildings Campus with seats for 313. Lots of your lectures take place in here, mainly in years 2 and 3. There's another smaller lecture theatre upstairs (seats 88), as well as seminar and tutorial rooms.

Ashworth Teaching Laboratory

There are 2 teaching laboratories in Ashworth and practical class teaching takes place in here from Year 1. There is a larger main teaching laboratory and a smaller side laboratory too. We provide white lab coats for you and lockers for bags. The demonstrators (in navy blue) are there to help out.

The practical classes in here tend to focus more on the whole organism side of Biological Sciences. It might be using microscopes to examine specimens; dissections to better understand different biological processes; or using microbes to explore evolution.