Where We Teach

Find out more about the facilities and buildings where we teach our students.

Take a look around the University with our Virtual Visit. Discover some of the School buildings, libraries and points of interest, and get a feel for what it's like to study and live in Edinburgh.

Virtual Visit  -  Biological Sciences

Ashworth Building

The Ashworth Building is one of the oldest buildings on the King's Buildings campus and is a place you will regularly spend time in.

James Clerk Maxwell Building

One of the largest buildings on campus, lots of students from different Schools have classes in here!

Michael Swann Building

The Swann lecture theatre, one of the largest on campus is in this building.

Daniel Rutherford Building

There is a smaller teaching laboratory and lecture theatre in this building.

Other Key Buildings

Joseph Black building multi-use space
There are lots of other buildings on campus that you might use regularly.

Study Spaces and Cafes

You can study or socialise in lots of places around campus.