How We Teach

Students are taught in a number of different ways such as lectures, practicals and tutorials.

In our Biological Sciences degree programmes we teach our students to be able to solve problems and become the next generation of scientists.

The main ways we teach are through lectures, tutorials, practicals and workshops, and our students usually have a mixture of these class types each week for each of their courses. Students usually take 3 courses in each Semester, so 6 in total over the year. In the early years students can take courses from other Schools that may be taught in different ways. Each course has an online page on our virtual learning platform, Learn, where information about the courses and resources are shared.

Your Timetable

Depending on the courses students choose, their weekly timetable in Years 1 and 2 could involve around:

  • Nine hours of lectures
  • Eight hours of practicals or workshops
  • Two hours of tutorials

The timetable can vary from week to week, often practical classes are every other week. Classes are designed to complement each other, usually what's being taught in lectures will be reflected in the tutorial and practical work giving a chance to apply knowledge to real scenarios.

In later years, students will undertake more personal study and research. They are linked with a research group and complete an in-depth project as an important part of their final-year assessment.