MSc Systems & Synthetic Biology

Why study Systems and Synthetic Biology?

Our programme is a route into a cutting edge area of biology, supported by world-class research facilities and a cross-disciplinary approach.

Strong reputation

This interdisciplinary MSc is part of a portfolio of postgraduate programmes from the School of Biological Sciences, offering students an exceptionally broad choice of courses across several Schools.

Our School of Biological Sciences is the largest school of Biology in the UK.

Leading the way in a new discipline

Our programme is an opportunity to train in a leading edge area of Biology, that of the systematic and rational application of engineering principles to the understanding and design of biological networks. We study unicellular models such as baker’s yeast and bacteria, all the way through to multi-cellular systems including mammals.

Using and developing new technology

You will gain knowledge of the primary design principles and biotechnology tools being developed in systems and synthetic biology, such as:

  • genome-wide, high-throughput genetic or cell-based screens
  • DNA synthesis
  • the use of “Bio-Bricks” to create novel biological outputs

World-leading research facilities

The University’s new centre, SynthSys, is a hub for world-leading research in both systems and synthetic biology. SynthSys brings together the expertise required for pioneering interdisciplinary research with the management needed to translate this research into commercial applications.

SynthSys – Centre for Synthetic and Systems Biology website