MSc Systems & Synthetic Biology


Discover the career options that will be available to you and read about the student experience.

Our graduates have a wide range of career options. The programme will equip you with the core skills necessary to launch a career in the biotechnology or pharmaceutical industries.

Our MSc is also a thorough training for further research at PhD level and beyond.

PhD programmes in Biological Sciences

Student experience

Our programme consists of a wide range of courses, offered by the School of Biological Sciences as well as other Schools across the University, making this a varied and enriching experience.

I chose to study at the University of Edinburgh because it is an establishment with a good reputation located in a beautiful city. It certainly helped that many of my acquaintances spoke highly of Edinburgh in general. I chose the Systems and Synthetic Biology programme in particular because I've been interested in synthetic biology for a while now and it was one of the few programs in the UK geared specifically towards that subject. All in all, this year has been quite fulfilling. The Perl for Bioinformatics course allowed me to acquire some valuable programming skills which, as a student who had been mainly studying Biology up to that point, I had been lacking. The Synthetic Biology Modelling course taught me about modelling different biological processes. The two parts of the Research and Development course taught me to consider research from a practical and economical point of view. The Social Dimensions of Systems and Synthetic Biology course was an interesting experience, considering that I was the only student of systems or synthetic biology actually participating. After I've finished this course, I hope to get a PhD and continue my studies. I plan to keep on working within an academic environment for the foreseeable future.

Laurence Murri (2011-2012)