Quantitative Genetics

Human Complex Trait Genetics

This Programme is for students wanting a degree focussing on human genetics, particularly the genetics of complex traits.

This programme includes the core courses required by all Quantitative Genetics students. Beyond this, Human Complex Trait Genetics students concentrate on aspects of human genetics. Students will learn about the genetic and genomic approaches used to study traits, both disorders and complex traits, in human populations.

The core course of this specialism is Genetics of Human Complex Traits and is taught by colleagues from the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. This course focusses on genetic methodologies used to analyse human complex traits and diseases. It provides examples of how these methods are used in ongoing research, and it develops practical skills required for their implementation using human data. Additional courses can be selected from any offered within the suite to build a degree to suit your interests.

For more information on this programme and the courses that are offered as part of it, please see this list of Courses .


Why Study Quantitative Genetics?