Quantitative Genetics

Animal Breeding and Genetics

This programme is for students wanting a focussed degree on animal breeding.

This programme includes the core courses required by all Quantative Genetics students. These provide essential skills in quantitative genetics, population genetics, data analysis, statistical methods and genome analysis. Beyond this, Animal Breeding and Genetics students focus on the application of quantitative genetics to animal breeding. These students will learn about the structure of breeding programmes for the improvement of production and health related traits, the genetic evaluation of livestock and the role of genomic information, and the use of new technologies, such CT scanning. The core course of this specialism is Animal Genetic Improvement, which is taught by colleagues from SRUC and the Roslin Institute as well as having Industry input. Additional courses can be selected from any offered within the suite to build a degree to suit your interests.

For more information on the MSc in this subject, please see this list of Courses.


Why Study Quantitative Genetics?