Quantitative Genetics

Research Dissertation

Information about Dissertations and the Research Groups students may be able to work with.

Research dissertation

Students who meet requirements from the Taught phase will progress onto the project phase. Requirements for three specialist programmes are in addition to requirements laid out in the Taught Assessment Regulations. Please see Degree Programme Table for course details for each Programme.

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The project timeline begins in Semester 1. There are two routes to securing a project:

Route 1: Students will indicate their preferred Projects in Semester 1, selecting from a pool of project titles. Once students’  preferences have been considered,  Projects will be allocated to students before Semester 2 begins.

Route 2: Some students arrive with a clear idea of their project interests. Their Personal Tutor will support and encourage any student who indicates they are keen to source their own project. Projects based outwith the University of Edinburgh are possible, however all projects must have one supervisor based within the University of Edinburgh.

Projects and Specialisms

In order for a student to reach a successful conclusion to their chosen MSc, their project must link to the specialism they have selected. Those taking the Quantitative Genetics and Genome Analysis MSc may select a project from any specialism.

Interests can develop and change, so there is the option to change from one programme within the QGGA suite to another, subject to taking any required courses, and meeting any assessment requirements in order to progress onto the project phase.

Research Groups who have offered projects in the past, and where your project may potentially be located, are listed below.

Institute of Genetics and Cancer

The Roslin Institute

SRUC Scotland’s Rural College, Animal Breeding and Genomics Groups

Institute of Evolutionary Biology IEB