Quantitative Genetics

Taught Courses

All courses on these programmes are run by the School of Biological Sciences.

Teaching is provided through lectures, tutorials and computer-based practicals, supplemented by regular seminars.


Taught courses in 2021/22

Please note that all these courses are available to students on the Quantitative Genetics programmes. Some of these courses are compulsory for particular programmes. Please see the upcoming Degree Programme Table (tbc) for details.

Animal Genetic Improvement


Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics

Functional Genomic Technologies

Genetics of Human Complex Traits

Linkage and Association in Genome Analysis

Molecular Evolution

Population Genetics

Population Genomic Analysis

Quantitative Genetic Models

Quantitative Genetics

Research Project Proposal

Statistics and Data Analysis

For a full list of courses for this Programme as well as details on what each course offers, please see the Degree Programme Table. Please note this is the list of courses for the current academic year.

Your research dissertation course is worth 60 credits and must be completed by mid-August.

About the Research Dissertation