MSc Drug Discovery & Translational Biology

Why study Drug Discovery and Translational Biology?

Our programme will lead you through the complete process of drug discovery and design, from the laboratory bench to bringing a new drug to the market.

Strong reputation

This interdisciplinary MSc is part of a portfolio of postgraduate programmes from the School of Biological Sciences - including Bioinformatics, Biotechnology and Systems & Synthetic Biology - offering you an unparalleled choice of courses and opportunities in these areas.

Our School of Biological Sciences is the largest school of biology in the UK.

Innovating drug discovery

The rapid transformation in the nature and process of drug discovery means that knowledge of related disciplines, and the increasingly advanced technologies used, are essential for those considering a career in commercial or academic research.

Our MSc will introduce you to the latest methods in developing drugs and therapeutic compounds for humans, animals and plants.

Multidisciplinary approach

Looking at drug discovery from the perspectives of structural biology, bioinformatics, chemistry and pharmacology will greatly enrich your understanding of the process and the various approaches available.

You will learn how principles for new therapeutic strategies are developed and how these relate to the fundamental scientific problems and techniques of drug discovery and design.

From discovery to distribution

Through our optional module given by the Business School you can learn about the complete process, including:

  • basic requirements for an effective drug
  • how suitable targets are identified
  • techniques for discovering lead compounds
  • how research can be developed into a marketable product.


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