MSc Bioinformatics

Why study Bioinformatics?

A computer-based approach is now central to biological research. Our programme provides essential training for working in this cutting-edge discipline.

Strong reputation

This interdisciplinary MSc, in collaboration with the School of Informatics, is part of a portfolio of postgraduate programmes from the School of Biological Sciences offering you an unparalleled choice of courses and opportunities in these areas.

Our School of Biological Sciences is the largest school of biology in the UK and the School of Informatics came top for Computing Science and Informatics in the UK in the last two RAE exercises.

Training in the latest technology

Bioinformatics is fundamentally about the application of computer-based approaches to the understanding of biological processes.

Our programme will introduce you to the current methods used to interpret the vast amounts of data generated by modern high-throughput technologies such as:

  • genome sequencing
  • next-generation sequencing
  • microarray profiling

Data processing for the post-genomic era

Bioinformatics operates at the intersection of biology and informatics and has a strong mathematical component.

Today’s technology has given us high-capacity analysis of genes and proteins which make it necessary to integrate informatics when solving biological problems. It has become an important focus for industry, particularly in the post-genomic era.

This programme will equip you with essential training in computing and statistics and give you valuable hands-on experience of modern bioinformatics research themes and methods.

Progress onto further research

With a working knowledge of the practical and theoretical concepts of bioinformatics, you will be well qualified to progress onto advanced graduate study.

The portfolio of skills developed on the programme is also suited to academic research or work within the bioinformatics industry as well as range of commercial settings.