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Research Data Management
Research Data Management

The BioRDM team is supervised by Professor Andrew Millar and consists of experienced biologists and software developers. The main mission of the team is to help researchers incorporate effective data management strategies into their daily research workflows, turning data management into a benefit rather than a burden.

The School’s BioRDM facility remains open to further research collaborations with funding. Our current, collaborative grant funding is working with Profs. Meriem El Karoui (SBS; Wellcome funding) and Danny Smith (UoE Psychiatry; MRC and Wellcome).


Our vision is to ensure all researchers adopt FAIR data principles: for research data to be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable.


We can assist researchers in dealing with data throughout the whole data life cycle, from acquisition, through to processing and data sharing. In fact, our expertise can be applied even before the research begins as we also help with the preparation of Data Management Plans for grant applications.

We are committed to deliver ‘better research by better sharing.’

We achieve this through consulting and educational activities, as well as by developing new specialised software and integrating diverse resources. All this ensures that publicly funded research is accessible to open dissemination by the scientific community, and that its use extends beyond the initial scope of the studies.

We have practical expertise in:

  • Electronic Lab Notebooks and Wiki
  • Developing data analysis and processing pipelines
  • Domain specific resources for data management (e.g. microscopy, synthetic biology)
  • Data infrastructure provided by the University
  • Public repositories


  • Consultation and advising
  • Developing custom software for data management, processing and sharing
  • Teaching, training and user support
  • Practical evaluation of data resources
  • Integration of systems and data resources integration
  • Data curation and deposition to public repositories


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