Edinburgh Protein Production Facility (EPPF)

New ÄKTA™ pure micro LC

The EPPF has a new ÄKTA™ pure micro LC system available in the labs in Swann.

 ÄKTA™ pure micro LC system
 ÄKTA™ pure micro LC system

This specially configured system increases resolution for micro-scale (0.1 - 100 µg) purification of proteins, peptides and nucleotides.

It offers a flow path with extremely low delay volumes (18 - 60 µl depending on the type of column being utilised) and provides a comprehensive solution for small sample volumes and micro preparative columns.

It is also equipped with specialist fraction collector (a Frac 9-T) and micro head that allows for collection of very small fractions (down to ~ 25 µl) in micro-titre plates. 

For more information, please  click here or contact the EPPF staff.