Electron Microscopy

Transmission EM Facility (TEM)

The TEM facility offers a variety of preparation and imaging services for room-temperature samples, including plastic sections, negative-stain and shadowed materials.


  1. TEM processing to block
  2. SEM processing to stub
  3. Critical Point Drying
  4. Semi-thin sectioning
  5. Ultra-thin sectioning
  6. Sputter coating
  7. Negative Staining
  8. Carbon coating
  9. Provision of grids


  1. Jeol JEM1400 Plus Transmission Electron Microscope with OneView Camera
  2. Gold Sputter Coater
  3. Quorum Glow Discharger
  4. Leica ACE-600 Rotary Shadower
  5. Leica Ultracut UCT ultratome