Working with EdinOmics

Facility rules and prices


EdinOmics is a small research facility with non-negotiable service costs that are reviewed by the finance department on a yearly basis. Please read the below content carefully before agreeing to start a project with us.

  1. We provide consultation on experiment design, sample preparation, data acquisition and data analysis. Please talk to us prior to preparing your samples. 
  2. After the consultation, we provide a quote for analysing your samples.
  3. Please ensure that your samples are labelled clearly and delivered to the facility with appropriate transportation. We do not accept samples that have disintegrated during transportation or are unlabelled upon arrival at the facility.
  4. Our standard service involves data acquisition from your samples and a report addressing your research question.
  5. If detailed data analysis is required on your sample set (particularly for untargeted analysis) please discuss this at the initial consultation and the price for this will be included in the quote.
  6. We run quality controls (QCs) and maintenance on our instruments on a regular basis to ensure smooth running of the facility. This information will be included in the report.
  7. We are also happy to help you with writing metabolomics and proteomics-related text in your grant applications and scientific publications. Please do not forget to acknowledge the facility  in your scientific publications, if you include data generated with us.

We appreciate that you respect our facility access rules and prices. We look forward to working with you.

The EdinOmics Team