What we Offer

We work closely with academics within and external to the University on collaborative and service basis.


The facility is operated by highly skilled experimentalists together with dedicated technical staff and a project manager. The EdinOmics staff routinely conduct advanced method development and applied research, together with collecting and analysing data for a wide range of collaborations. The facility is also keen on training users to high standard and ensures that the equipment are well maintained and fully operational with minimum down time.

We provide project advice and help design, plan and implement your experiments to obtain meaningful results from your proteomics and metabolomics data. We highly recommend that you contact us prior to preparing your experimental samples. We are happy to be involved in the project from the very beginning and provide assistance with writing proteomics or metabolomics experiments into grants and budget estimations.

Our services in a snapshot

Metabolomics platform
  • Good coverage of primary metabolism using liquid and gas chromatography methods.
  • We use ion mobility mass spectrometry for rapid metabolomics – reduced analytical time and cost per sample.
  • Expertise in analysing secondary metabolites and high-value chemicals.
  • Metabolite classes routinely analysed

    Primary metabolites: Sugars, Amino acids, Purines, Pyrimidines, Organic acids, Amines, Alcohols, Amino-sugars, Sugar alcohols, Sugar acids, Organic phosphates, Hydroxyl acids, Lipids, Fatty acids, Aromatics, Sterols

    Specialised metabolites: Antibiotics, Flavonoids, Terpenoids, Alkaloids

Proteomics platform
  • Label-free global proteome analysis.

You can reach us by

E-mail: edinomic@ed.ac.uk

Telephone: +44 131 650 8284