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End-User Mode ​​​​​

The EPPF operates primarily in ‘hotel mode’ whereby end-users book in and use well maintained equipment under the guidance of the EPPF staff.

The access charging is tiered depending on multiple factors, including EPPF-staff involvement, maintenance recovery, consumable usage, user funding body and whether they are internal or external, academic or industrial.

Full Service Mode

If you do not have the time to undertake the experiments yourself or do not intend to use the resources and equipment that frequently, there may be an opportunity for the EPPF to provide a full service where our experienced staff will undertake the experiments for you.

In many cases this can be most beneficial for forwarding the project as the staff are both efficient and have experience to optimise the conditions and exploit other techniques that less experienced users may not have been aware of.

Please be aware however, that there will be additional costs involved (possibly significant) and mutually agreeable time-scales and milestones involved in engaging the EPPF in full-service work.

Access Charges/Costs

Project costings and the most beneficial mode of access to the facility resources can be discussed on a project-to-project basis. 

Access Charges and Costs (secured)

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Dr Martin A. Wear

Facility Manager

  • Edinburgh Protein Production Facility (EPPF)
  • School of Biological Sciences

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