Edinburgh Genome Foundry

Who We Are

Meet the team

Dr Rennos Fragkoudis

Manager, Edinburgh Genome Foundry

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Dr Gaynor Campbell

Research Technologist (Beacon)

  • Cell line development (CLD) and antibody discovery (AbD)

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Dr Elliott Chapman

Research Technologist (Automation)

  • DNA assembly and assay development

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Mr Craig Gilmour

Research Technician (Automation)

  • DNA assembly and assay development

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Dr Peter Vegh

BioFoundry Computational Biologist

  • DNA design and software development

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The Foundry is proud to be part of

Global Biofoundries Alliance

An international consortium that aims to develop, promote, and support diverse types of non-commercial biofoundries.

International Gene Synthesis Consortium(IGSC)

An industry-led group of gene synthesis companies and organizations formed to design and apply a common protocol to screen both the sequences of synthetic gene orders and the customers who place them. It promotes the beneficial application of gene synthesis technology while safeguarding biosecurity.