Quantitative Biology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology

About us

The Institute of Quantitative Biology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology (IQB3) brings together researchers from a range of backgrounds to tackle fundamental questions in biology and to develop biology-based solutions to real-world problems. Our research approaches encompass the structural and functional analysis of individual macromolecules, quantitative modelling of cellular pathways and processes, and the manipulation of biological systems for practical applications.

We are supported in this work by outstanding facilities and a strong network of interactions between researchers from both within and beyond the School of Biological Sciences. Members of IQB3 lead two undergraduate honours programmes – ‘Biochemistry’ and ‘Biotechnology’ - and a number of taught masters’ programmes, including ‘Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology’, ‘Systems and Synthetic Biology’ and ‘Drug Discovery and Translational Biology’. We are proud that our programmes prepare students for a diversity of career paths. The institute is also home to a vibrant community of PhD students, who enter with undergraduate degrees in a range of subject areas, including biology, biotechnology, chemistry, physics, engineering, and computer science.