Biological Sciences

Learning and teaching strategies

The School of Biological Sciences supports the learning and teaching strategy developed and administered by the College of Science and Engineering and central policies coordinated by the University.

This includes providing students with a learning experience that incorporates three principles:

  • the staff-student learning community
  • an environment for learning where student ownership is encouraged
  • the provision of effective assessment and feedback - all part of a shared enterprise


The University's Learning and Teaching Enhancement Strategy is available to download from the Policies section of the Academic Services website.

University Learning and Teaching enhancement strategy

Learning and Teaching strategies endorsed by the University and implemented by SBS cover a wide range of issues including:

  • Academic and pastoral support, including via a Directors of Studies
  • Skill development to meet 21st century employability needs
  • Course feedback to students and development of feed-forward skills
  • Consideration of Special Circumstances
  • Development of Undergraduate and Masters programmes
  • Quality assurance monitoring of teaching and research programmes (PGR)

Implementation of these policies is directed through:

Effective student representation is a vital part of the University’s quality assurance and learning and teaching enhancement processes. The Edinburgh University Student Association (EUSA) also offer advice on how academic staff can offer support to students.

Delivery of quality teaching is monitored through quality assurance procedures and internal review. Improvement of teaching standards and student learning experience is encouraged by peer observation of teaching and innovative teaching techniques.

The College of Science and Engineering maintain a useful website entitled "Learning and Teaching Strategy Project" that covers current initiatives in teaching : e-learning, use of clickers, forum on feedback etc.