Biological Sciences

Exhibitions and events

Exhibitions and public events.

Doors Open Day

Exhibitions and events for the public

Natural History Collection

Each September researchers, students and support staff at Kings Buildings contribute to the local “Doors open Day” event by presenting an array of hands-on activities, posters and demonstrations for visitors to the Ashworth labs, which are home to our Natural History Collection, a fascinating historical collection of zoological specimens.

Family Activities at Edinburgh Science Festival (ESF)

The School delivers annual hands-on drop-in biology activities as part of the University’s large family programme at the National Museum of Scotland, for ESF. 


Public Lectures

Science on a Summer's Evening

The School regularly contributes to the Science on a Summer’s Evening programme.

Mind the Lab

Mind the lab

Mind the Lab aims to stimulate people’s interest in science during a very short time interval through pop-up science activities at train and metro stations. The School leads the University’s involvement in this international project. 


Cell Biology Engagement

WCCB public engagement

The Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology is committed to engaging the public with research and is involved in a variety of public engagement activities including exhibitions and events.  



EdinCell aims to improve the communication of Genetics and Cell Biology research to the public and media via web based resources and links to research projects, including profiles and interviews with scientists.

Stem Cells Engagement

Centre for Regenerative Medicine public engagement

The Centre for Regenerative Medicine takes part in a wide variety of public engagement activities with key audiences including teachers, patients, policymakers, journalists and other interested publics.