Biological Sciences

Exhibitions and events

Exhibitions and public events.

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Doors Open Day

Natural History Collection

Each September researchers, students and support staff at Kings Buildings contribute to the local “Doors open Day” event by presenting an array of hands-on activities, posters and demonstrations for visitors to the Ashworth labs, which are home to our Natural History Collection, a fascinating historical collection of zoological specimens.

Family activities at Edinburgh International Science Festival (EISF)

The School delivers annual hands-on drop-in biology activities as part of the University’s large family programme at the National Museum of Scotland, for EISF. On behalf of the University, public engagement staff within the School also coordinate the University-wide programme overall. 


The Darwin Lecture

Notable Alumni

We celebrate the work of our most inspiring alumni, as well as current innovation in Biology, each year by inviting the public to join us for our annual public Darwin lecture. Hosted in the Michael Swann building at King’s Buildings, in 2011 this event was chaired by Prof. Aubrey Manning and held in conjunction with the annual Maxwell lecture to form the “Science on a summers evening” event.

Science tent at the Parents like us Festival

Parents like us

This is a yearly outdoor event on Leith Links, mainly targeted at children 0-5 years of age as well as their older siblings, parents and carers. The Festival promotes healthy and ecological living. Many volunteers from the School of Biological Sciences help by offering simple scientific experiments such as microscopy, observing live animals, colour mixing, pipetting and pH measurements.

Life through a Lens

Life through a Lens

This project celebrates 75 years of the Wellcome trust with two weeks of sessions for schools, public drop-in and a unique building projection in November 2011. The project engages school age children, young families and the general public in the process of scientific discovery, understanding cells, and how researchers today are building on the work of generations of scientists that came before them.



EdinCell aims to improve the communication of Genetics and Cell Biology research to the public and media via web based resources and links to research projects, including profiles and interviews with scientists.



A collaboration between biologists and artists to bring art-science workshops for adults and children with the common theme of Genetics, cells and chromosomes.



This is a pan-European project which aims to help European citizens make sense of stem cell and regenerative medicine research.

From Another Kingdom: the Amazing World of Fungi

From Another Kingdom: the Amazing World of Fungi

This multi-media exhibition about the world of fungi and their relationship with humans and the planet was originally held at the Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh, and has now moved to the Royal Botanic Gardens of Wales (until early 2013). The exhibition was instigated by a School of Biological Sciences research leader and represents the largest outreach experience in mycological history with over 100,000 members of the general public having already seen it.