Quantitative Genetics

Evolutionary Genetics

This Programme offers focus on aspects of evolutionary genetics.

This programme includes the core courses required by all Quantitative Genetics students. Beyond this, Evolutionary Genetics students concentrate on understanding evolution from a quantitative perspective. Students have the option of specialising with a focus on the application of molecular genetic methods or quantitative genetics to study evolution. By following the molecular evolution route, students will take courses on Molecular Phylogenetics and Molecular Evolution. These examine the use of nucleotide sequence data to investigate phylogeny reconstruction and apply other techniques to study evolutionary questions. Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics students will approach fundamental questions in phenotypic evolution from a quantitative genetic perspective. Many Evolutionary Genetics students pursue both routes simultaneously. The specialised courses are taught by staff from the Institute of Evolutionary Genetics.

For more information on this programme, please see the Degree Programme Table.


Why Study Quantitative Genetics?