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IMPS staff contribute to several taught MSc programmes, including Biotechnology, Synthetic Biology & Biotechnology and provides an established MSc programme in Biodiversity and Taxonomy of Plants with Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh.

Biodiversity and Taxonomy of Plants MSc

The underlying focus on Plants and Taxonomy distinguishes it from other Masters programmes focussed on Conservation and Management. Because of the fundamental importance of plants in agriculture and as the basis for most food chains, monitoring and understanding of plant communities and access to information about plants are important as never before, especially because of the twin threats of climate change and environmental degradation, which pose unprecedented challenges to human existence and quality of life.

The aims of this world-renowned full-time, 12-month MSc programme are to equip biologists, conservationists and ecologists for:

  • careers in plant taxonomy
  • plant conservation
  • the investigation and management of plant biodiversity
  • the curation of plant collections and plant biodiversity databases

Its provides ten courses giving a balanced, up-to-date account of the diversity and taxonomy of plants, algae and fungi, plus methods of pure and applied taxonomy, fully recognizing the contributions of molecular methods in phylogeny reconstruction and population biology.

The Programme consists of formal instruction, practical work, essays, research projects and tutorials includes a highly-popular and successful two-week tropical field course in Belize and a 4-month individual research project and dissertation.

Further information is available from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

Biodiversity and Taxonomy of Plants course information

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