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Blog - A Spotlight On Dr Sandy Hetherington

Sandy Hetherington standing on mountain peak
Helen Foerd (final year PhD student) sat down with our new IMPS member, Dr Sandy Hetherington to discuss the mysterious world of fossilised plants and scientific life.

Blog - Tiny but mighty: Algae hold the secret to turbo-charging photosynthesis in plants.

Researchers reveal the mechanism that forms the pyrenoid, an enigmatic compartment used by algae to boost photosynthesis, and then go a step further by engineering a synthetic version into a higher plant for the first time.

School researchers awarded Chancellor’s Fellowships

Dr Beatriz Orosa Puente and Dr Joanna Sadler have been awarded prestigious fellowships to develop their innovative work.

Algae superpowers could provide major boost to food security

The yields of vital food crops such as rice, wheat and soybean could be improved by equipping plants with proteins from algae to enhance their growth.

High-value chemicals from biotech: School scientists awarded almost half a million pounds in UK Government funding

Pioneering researchers in the School of Biological Sciences will benefit from a £477,015 cash boost from the UK government to use cutting edge biotechnology to produce high-value chemicals.

Food security boost as data gets to root of crop yields problem

The resilience and yields of food crops worldwide could be improved by a new technique that monitors the growth of plant roots, scientists say.

Sandy Hetherington awarded UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship

Sandy Hetherington, an evolutionary biologist, is the recipient of a UK government fellowship that supports early career researchers and innovators with outstanding potential.

Baldness gene discovery reveals origin of hairy alpine plants

Scientists have solved a puzzle that has long baffled botanists – why some plants on high mountainsides are hairy while their low-lying cousins are bald.