Biological Sciences


Dr Sara Knott

Location: Ashworth 135

Telephone: 650 5444



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1986 - 1990Ph.D., University of Edinburgh (at the AFRC Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics Research)
1990 - 1996Postdoctoral researcher, University of Edinburgh
1996 - 2006Royal Society University Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh
2005 - 2010RCUK Fellow, University of Edinburgh
2007 - presentReader, Institute of Evolutionary Biology, University of Edinburgh

Research groupings

Quantitative Genetics, Genetics of complex traits


Genomes and Genomics (third year)

Linkage and Association in Genome Analysis (MSc)

Research interests

My research focuses on the use of molecular markers to determine the loci responsible for variation in quantitative traits (quantitative trait loci or QTL) with the ultimate purpose being to understand the nature of genetic variation underlying complex traits. I am particularly interested in the development and application of statistical methods to detect and characterise QTL that are segregating in outbred populations (of plants, animals or humans).

Link to QTL analysis software package GridQTL

Representative publications

Hemani G,  Knott S and Haley C (2013) An Evolutionary Perspective on Epistasis and the Missing Heritability. PLOS Genetics   9 (2)     Article Number: e1003295   DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1003295  

Podisi BK, Knott SA, Burt DW and Hocking PM. (2013) Comparative analysis of quantitative trait loci for body weight, growth rate and growth curve parameters from 3 to 72 weeks of age in female chickens of a broiler-layer cross. BMC Genetics 14: Article Number: 22; DOI: 10.1186/1471-2156-14-22

Donaldson CL, Lambe NR, Maltin CA, Knott S, Bunger L (2013) Between- and within-breed variations of spine characteristics in sheep. Journal of Animal Science 91:995-1004; doi:10.2527/jas.2012-5456

Powell JE, Kranis A, Floyd J, Dekkers JCM, Knott S, Haley CS. (2012) Optimal use of regression models in genome-wide association studies. Animal Genetics 43: 133-143

Navarro P, Vitart V, Hayward C, Tenesa A, Zgaga L, Juricic D, Polasek O, Hastie N, Rudan I, Campbell H, Wright AF, Haley CS, Knott SA. (2010) Genetic comparison of a Croatian isolate and CEPH European founders. Genetic Epidemiology 34: 140-145 (DOI 10.1002/gepi.20443)

Hernandez-Sanchez J, Grunchec JA, Knott SA. (2009) A web application to perform linkage disequilibrium and linkage analyses on a computational grid. Bioinformatics 25:1377-1383

Rowe SJ, Pong-Wong R, Haley CS, Knott SA, de Koning DJ. (2009) Detecting parent of origin and dominance QTL in a two-generation commercial poultry pedigree using variance component methodology. Genetics Selection Evolution 41:6 (doi:10.1186/1297-9686-41-6)