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Prof Evelyn Telfer

Location: Hugh Robson 208

Telephone: 650 5393


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1987PhD. Department of Physiology University of Edinburgh
1987 - 1989Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Physiology University of Edinburgh
1989 - 1992Rockefeller Postdoctoral fellow in Reproductive Biology, The Jackson Laboratory , Bar Harbor, Me, USA
1992 - 2000Lecturer Institute of Ecology and Resource Management, Division of Biological Sciences, University of Edinburgh
2000 -Senior Lecturer, Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Edinburgh

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Representative publications

Telfer,E.E., Binnie, J.P., McCaffery,F and Campbell,B.K. (2000) In vitro development of oocytes from porcine and bovine primary follicles. Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology 163, 117-123.

Telfer,EE and Watson, ED (2000) Isolation of preantral follicles from mare ovaries, Journal of Reproduction and Fertility supplement 56, 447-453

McCaffery, FH, Leask, R., Riley, S.C.,Telfer,E.E. (2000) Culture of bovine preantral follicles in a serum free system: markers for assessment of growth and development. Biology of Reproduction 63, 267-273.

Pedersen, HG, Watson, ED, Telfer, EE. (2000) Apoptosis in granulosa cells and the relation to cumulus expansion and oocyte chromatin configuration in ovarian follicles. Journal of Reproduction and Fertility supplement 56,455-462

Guiterrez, C, Ralph, JH, Telfer, EE, Wilmut, I and Webb, R (2000) Growth and Antrum Formation of Bovine Preantral Follicles in Long-Term Culture Biology of Reproduction 62

Campbell,B.K., Telfer,E.E., Webb,R., Baird,D.T. (2000) Ovarian autografts in sheep as a model for studying folliculogenesis. Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology 163, 131-139.

Van den Hurk, R., Abir, R., Telfer, E.E,Bevers, M.M.(2000) Primate and bovine immature oocytes and follicles as sources of fertilisable oocytes. Human Reproduction Update. 6, 457-474