Biological Sciences


Honorary and Visiting Staff

NamePositionEmail Address
ALEXANDER, Crinan Dr Honorary Fellow
ARGENT, George Dr Honorary Fellow
BABIKER, Hamza Dr Honorary Fellow
BARTLEY, David Dr Honorary Lecturer -
BARTON, Nicholas Professor Visiting Professor
BEGGS, Jean Professor Professor of Genetics
BISHOP, John Professor Emeritus Professor
BOWNES, Mary Professor Emerita Professor of Developmental Biology
BROWN, Sam Dr Honorary Fellow
BUNGER, Lutz Dr Honorary Fellow
CARTER, Richard Professor Senior Honorary Professorial Fellow
CHAMBERLAIN, David Dr Honorary Fellow
CHAMBERLAIN, Maria Dr Honorary Fellow
CHARLESWORTH, Brian Professor Senior Honorary Professorial Fellow
CHARLESWORTH, Deborah Professor Senior Honorary Professorial Fellow
DALE, John E Professor Professor Emeritus
DAUNT, Francis Dr Honorary Fellow
DONACHIE, W D Professor Professor Emeritus
DRESSER, David Dr Honorary Fellow
ENNOS, Richard Professor Honorary Fellow
GILMORE, Linda Dr Honorary Fellow
HARRINGTON, Lea Professor Visiting Professor
HARRIS, David Dr Honorary Fellow
HELFER, Stephan Dr Honorary Fellow
HILL, William G Professor Professor Emeritus
HOLLINGSWORTH, Peter Professor Honorary Fellow
ILLIUS, Andrew Professor Professor Emeritus
INGRAM, David Professor Honorary Professor
INNES, Lee Dr Honorary Fellow
JEFFREE, Chris Dr Honorary Fellow
KILBEY, Brian J Professor Professor Emeritus
KRUUK, Loeske Professor Honorary Fellow
MARCH, John Dr Honorary Fellow
MICHELS, Paul Professor Visiting Professor
MUETZELFELDT, Robert Honorary Fellow
NISBET, Alasdair Dr Honorary Fellow -
PENNINGTON, Toby Professor Honorary Fellow
RATTER, James Dr Honorary Fellow
REID, Graeme Professor Professor of Molecular Microbiology/ Dean of Learning & Teaching
RONSE DE CRAENE, Louis Dr Honorary Fellow
SAUNDERS, D S Professor Professor Emeritus
SAWYER, Lindsay Professor Professor Emeritus
SCHAFFNER, Claudia Dr Technical Services Manager
SENN, Helen Dr Honorary Fellow -
SUTHERLAND, Ian W Professor Professor Emeritus
TALIANSKY, Misha Professor Visiting Professor
TORRANCE, Lesley Professor Visiting Professor
TREWAVAS, A J Professor Professor Emeritus
TYERS, Michael Professor Visiting Professor