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2016 Archive

Date News Item
13th Dec 16 Protective barrier inside chromosomes helps to keep cells healthy
13th Dec 16 Infections that pose greatest pandemic risk identified by experts
12th Dec 16 Funding for Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology Renewed
18th Nov 16 Edinburgh Genome Foundry establishes Executive Board to deliver Genome Assembly
28th Oct 16 Chancellor's Award for Professor Andrew Rambaut
27th Sep 16 No silver bullet for forests under climate change
15th Sep 16 Family bonds are key to helping at-risk species, study suggests
18th Jul 16 Flight of the bumble bee reveals plants’ flair for flower arranging
8th Jul 16 Flagship DNA facility sets sights on advances in science
4th Jul 16 Malaria study shows how multiple infections make disease worse
27th Jun 16 Jean Beggs awarded a honorary degree by St Andrews University
22nd Jun 16 Fighting experience makes beetles better mothers, study shows
3rd Jun 16 Cell insights shed light on how muscle-wasting disease takes hold
2nd Jun 16 The ticking time bomb of antimicrobial resistance: what can we do and where should we go next?
1st Jun 16 Shaw Prize in Life Science and Medicine awarded to Adrian Bird
17th May 16 Flexible nesting times can help birds cope with climate change
14th Apr 16 Key role for magnesium in circadian rhythms
6th Apr 16 Insight into new ways to manage infection
22nd Mar 16 Chimp parasites shed light on evolution of human malaria
15th Mar 16 Inbreeding impacts on mothering ability, red deer study shows
9th Mar 16 Cell insights shed light on everyday process of renewal and repair
1st Mar 16 Changing spots into stripes could be shape of things to come
25th Feb 16 Snail shells offer insight into cause of rare organ condition
23rd Feb 16 £200m European loan set to enhance Edinburgh’s global standing
4th Feb 16 Rogue Gene is Poacher turned Gamekeeper, Study Shows
1st Feb 16 Cell insight offers clues on biological processes linked to fertility
11th Jan 16 Mothers’ appetites can keep size of wild animal groups in check
11th Jan 16 Study charts hotspots for bat virus risk