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2015 Archive

Date News Item
1st Dec 15 High yield crops a step closer in light of photosynthesis discovery
10th Nov 15 Gene linked to big salmon discovered
26th Oct 15 Tadpoles rewarded for waiting until after winter to become frogs
15th Oct 15 Tiny plant shows us how living things cope with big changes
1st Oct 15 Latest technology could help curb repeat Ebola crisis, experts say
30th Sep 15 Innovative inventors from the School of Biological Sciences have scooped two awards
30th Sep 15 Rising Star award to Louise Horsfall
18th Aug 15 Stronger winds could affect seabirds
17th Jul 15 Animals’ infections can impact most on relatives, study finds
12th Jul 15 Ocean algae will cope well in varying climates, study shows
10th Jul 15 Darwin’s finches offer fresh insights into island biodiversity
27th Jun 15 Motherly love is all inbred beetles need to live longer, study shows
23rd Apr 15 Shetland pony midge study offers clues to curbing allergies
14th Apr 15 Gene study helps explain Legionnaires’ probe complications
10th Apr 15 DNA can’t explain all inherited biological traits, research shows
26th Mar 15 Scientists secure £25.7m to create powerhouse of research
24th Mar 15 21st European Meeting for PhD Students in Evolutionary Biology
23rd Mar 15 Cattle parasite study suggests new ways to combat infectious diseases
13th Mar 15 Parasite infection poses a greater risk for African under-fives
3rd Mar 15 New RSE Fellows
3rd Mar 15 Family log of spring's arrival helps predict climate-driven change
27th Feb 15 Molecular mouse-trap technique sheds light on key cell processes
5th Feb 15 Fort William poacher sentenced in first red deer DNA profiling case
2nd Feb 15 Turning up heat on plants could help grow crops of the future
2nd Feb 15 Genetics Society of America names Brian Charlesworth as recipient of Thomas Hunt Morgan Medal
2nd Feb 15 Genetic safety switches could help curb potential bioterror risks
30th Jan 15 £11.4m research boost aids quest for healthcare solutions
20th Jan 15 Co-infected plant hosts cause more severe epidemics
12th Jan 15 CIIE/ASCUS micro-residency starts in Ashworth Laboratories