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2014 Archive

Date News Item
25th Nov 14 Trojan horse tactic gives parasites edge over immune systems
25th Nov 14 New cancer drugs may work best with other therapies, study finds
12th Nov 14 Insights into plant growth could curb need for fertilisers
7th Nov 14 Scientists join bid to improve city landscape
3rd Nov 14 MRSA bugs linked to livestock are found in hospitals, study finds
30th Oct 14 Bacteria are hard-wired for survival, E. coli study suggests
25th Sep 14 Enzyme discovery paves way to tackling deadly parasite diseases
15th Sep 14 EU Researchers Night
12th Sep 14 Cell study may shed light on causes of infertility and birth defects
10th Sep 14 Vultures wait for eagles to find food, then swoop in, study shows
9th Sep 14 Plant insights could help develop crops for changing climates
8th Sep 14 New enzymatic redox activity uncovered in plant cells
5th Aug 14 Social networking is key to helping bugs spread, study shows
22nd Jul 14 Meerkats’ sinister side is secret to their success, study shows
28th May 14 Huge tooth fossil shows marine predator had plenty to chew on
7th May 14 Professor Peter Keightley elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society
14th Apr 14 Brain cell discovery could open doors to targeted cancer therapies
8th Apr 14 Neandertal’s recent link to humans confirmed in DNA study
2nd Apr 14 Research facility seeks to speed application of DNA discoveries
26th Mar 14 Hormone levels linked to survival of deer calves, study suggests
18th Mar 14 New class of drug could curb antibiotic resistance, study suggests
17th Mar 14 Interpreting bacteria’s complex language could aid infection fight
3rd Mar 14 Tracking a tree in spring could help conserve ancient woodlands
27th Feb 14 CIIE Spring Symposium: Parasite Infections - From Experimental Models To Natural Systems
21st Feb 14 Common form of malaria has its roots in Africa, study shows
17th Feb 14 Malaria vaccine development paves way for protective therapy
14th Feb 14 Professor Alex Rowe wins C.A. Wright Memorial Medal
10th Feb 14 2013 Bayer Early Excellence in Science Award Ceremony
5th Feb 14 Cell division finding could boost understanding of cancer
4th Feb 14 £2.5 m bid to develop new drugs to target sleeping sickness
24th Jan 14 Drug alternatives to antibiotics may not be perfect, study shows
22nd Jan 14 2013 Bayer Early Excellence in Science Award for Steven Spoel
7th Jan 14 Knighthood and Frontiers Award for Adrian Bird